1646 Blues

Joe needs a doctor,
Says he'll go with me
We'll meet at the Friendship Centre
Then go from there

I arrive, sit on the steps
Reading. Waiting for the doors to open
Waiting for Joe
Others arrive and wait

A woman keeps pacing
In front of the stairs
She stops, stares at me,
And hisses

I guess no one wanted your ancestors
Back in your own country
They must have done something really bad
Well, we don't want you on our land either

No one wants you!
Is released like compressed air
We all keep quiet
Letting her logic sink in

I stay and wait for Joe,
Remembering how I walked in Paris
For days, filling my eyes, knowing
This beauty was built by those who stayed

Stone cathedrals
Forest cathedrals
Equally, do not belong to me
But live within me, equally

My heart always knows this